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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Smooth but Challenging tho ...

Yes I missed a month updates on my 3rd edition. Alhamdulillah each time I thank ALLAH for giving me an opportunity to once again allow me to go thru such a wonderful pregnancy. Here are pictures of baby at 18weeks and 23weeks old.

Dr Loke assured on my every visits baby conditions and placing are all at the correct positions. He is very actively boxing, kicking and dancing inside me. Even my daily visit to the loo have tremendously increased. Hehehe ....

I even stole hubby pillow to higher my head nowadays, feeling breathless and stuffy even on rainy days ... hahaha ...

Every month end I am all excited and looking forward for baby review.

18 Weeks

23 Weeks

Wahh how time flies isn't it ... I am left about 3months till my delivery. My eldest, she is so looking forward for another adik whereas my 2nd, he behaves as if he don't even know I am pregnant at times. Only on 1 of the days, he saw me rubbing my tummy, he came and shocked me by putting his ear to my tummy and asked "mama, inside got baby?" aawww .... sweet right?? I hope he will be excited when he get to see the real adik once I delivered. jeng jeng jeng hahaha ..... we shall see ....

Apart from counting days to my EDD, I am also finally settled with my FDW case. Selected a replacement and waiting for processes. I could just wait and pray to ALLAH to allow everything moves on smoothly. I just want the best for my kids. I just wants a helper who appreciate being here and thankful. A helper who knows what is her correct and exact motive working in Singapore. A helper who perform her job as needed.

At least now, my mind has lighten and even my 3rd pregnancy have been a smooth one but the challenges I am facing is challenging tho. I could go into depression without the help on my love ones (Mum,Hubby,Sista, Daughter,SIL,MIL) who have been giving me helps and words of support of the challenges I am facing at.

Dear Frens, please pray for me and family. May GOD blessed you and family too. Insya'ALLAH ameen.


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

16weeks update !!

I know I am late on my updates !! As today, I am serving my 17wks preggie. Alhamdullilah both going fine for me and baby. Gender is still unknown and hopefully able to know in 2wks time for my next appointment.

What can I say about this pregnancy seems to be the same as per my 1st and 2nd. No morning sickness and no fatigue. Thanks ALLAH for giving me a smooth pregnancy and making it an enjoyable one.

Time truly flies fast isn't it? Coming to 5th month preggie, I am left with just 4mths left. OMG !! Thinking to go thru labour again for my 3rd time, honestly I am really scared and not sure what to expect.

Till I update again soon !! Hope so ....


Friday, November 19, 2010

21 ... is the Number

21st is my favourite number and will always be .....

21st is my birth-date

21st is my pay-day

Last but not least 21st of November used to be my late dad birthday.

I remembered his last birthday celebrated at his house. Of course nobody knows that will be his last birthday celebration. Even it was nothing great but this picture meant so much to me.

2 years have passed, memories of him are still clear and fresh being recapped. Miss him badly. At times, I wish he would be with me for just few seconds. But I do and always believe, he is down-looking at me and my family from where he is. No tears but prayers are always said out for him each time I missed my dad.

Hence, I still wanna wish him. Not a birthday wishes but "Abah, you are the greatest dad which I ever wanted. You had done your best for the family. We are proud to have U. You are forever remembered."



Friday, November 05, 2010

A New Life begin

As promised to myself, I need to start blogging again. Reasons ?? Nothing in particular but expressing at my own blog page is a bit relief at times .... And something which I could recap those moments which have passed and may never be turned, isn't it?

Yes, It's official I am pregnant ... Yeayy !!!

I've just ended my 1st trimester smoothly. No morning sickness. Not too much hectic. Life is as per normal. Only difference, I get hungry before I'm due for my next meal ... hahahaha.

Asked me, if this is planned? or was this an accident? Sorry my friends, I don't mean to offend anyone but I will never say getting pregnant was an accident. Its a job which U noe how "its" works. Common we are all adults. It was never an accident if you now the consequences. As for me, you can take it "Yes, we planned".

Both hubby and I believed, the gap between our 1st and 2nd (4yrs gap) is reasonable and nice one. So here we decided. But of course, financially we have considered it too.

Talking about financially, I am being honest here. We are not living in luxury. Hubby no longer withdrawing as he used too, years back. Having a primary school child and our 2nd child attending nursery are not light at all in financially. But I believe every child have its own luck and charm. We will never starved our kids. That is our promise! We might not be able to sent our kids to speech & drama, art lessons nor ballet classes but we taught our kids the precious of being as 1 in a family. Thank-full with what they have are being adapted to our kids life. Comparing should be in studies and educations not in materials. Well that is our way!

Getting pregnant this round maybe experiencing a lots of differences compared to my 1st and 2nd.

1st. My late dad maybe seeing me and his grandad child from his world. But sadly, I could only show pictures of you when the child is born.

2nd. Both my children grown up at my parents house. My Wonderwoman Mum is such a great nanny and confinement lady which I could never ask for more. But this round, after my discharged obviously I shall return to our own home. I really hope mum will stay with me during my confinement period. (but my wish she would be staying with me forever ... hahaha)

3. Helper, yes my lovely helper. Irma Setiani. She was with me when I had both my kids. She handled my kids well and I really hope my current helper will do at least 80% of it. I am thank-full enuf.

4. Age - I gonna deliver my 3rd child at the age of 30. I delivered both kids in my twenties. Wondering how is it? Will let u noe wen its over!

Seriously, I can't imagine me being a mother of 3 next year. Celebrating my raya with 3 kids. My next check would be end month till I blog on my next updates. Pray for me and baby in a healthy and safe conditions. My prayers to YOU and FAMILY .... may GOD blessed U ALL !!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Always on Facebook !! Should I start back my blogging here ... =)

It have been such a long time on my last blog and last updates for my albums in Multiply. Blame it on Facebook !! Haha ...

Sudden urge for me to resume blogging is so strong ... I may be back in Multiply to keep posting of the new journey of "life" in me =D

See u soon and may ALLAH blessed us ALL ...


Monday, March 08, 2010

I've got an hour to blog ....

GOSH !! It's Mar 2010. So much thing happening in Mar2010 for me and family.

Feb2010, I know I went missing but ..... hhmm nothing much really happened. Just a family celebration in Swensen for my 7yrs old doter, Nurul Syafiqah.

As you could see from my header, I've only an hr to blog before I need to leave to fetch my doter from school. I am on leave today (monday). Lil Ariel Syakir had a fever since last wed, he was shivering and weak thruout. It is such a pain for me to see him as such because he is a super hyper active son, we could only find peace when he is asleep (tat is wen he recharged) hahaha ..... But today, he is much better alhamdulillah

Hmmm what should I blog about Mar2010.... yes!! We are going for a trip. Short and simple trip to Hong Kong end Mar2010. I'm bringing mum along. I know she is dying to travel and take plane since dad passed away. Seriously I really wish Dad is still around and following me as well. But I know dad is everywhere I go, I know he is always with me, his precious daughter.

Mar2010, is also the month which I will turn a year older. I don't really have a wish because my daily prayers, I always make my best doa's for my family, my love ones, never failed that.

I doubt so, hubby will read my blog, but in anycase my life is taken by ALLAH, this blog witnesses my love for him. On my birthday, I won't ask for treats neither any presents, this is sincere what I ask for if everlasting love which you have never failed to give me all these years. Thanks for being there for me always! Thanks for being a good husband and good daddy to our kids! May our love and happiness and prosperity be continue forever and ever. amin.

Ok enuf said before pple start to throw out *puke* hahahahhahaa .... till i blog again when I return from my short trip. Pray for us to have a smooth and safe journey till we return.

Love Always,



Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Feels like it ....

Well Well Well ...... It's a brand new year of 2010. Time was super fast.

I don't wish to recaps what had happened in 2009. No regrets definitely. Only a nightmare and a blessing I guess but hhmm .... seriously speechless !!

Looking at everyone in FB and Multipliers celebrating on the coming of 2010, it does envy me honestly while my entire family was in unexpected states. But we were there for each other definitely. Everything happened was a total nightmare for us and kids especially. But for sure ALLAH S.W.T blessed us. amin

Sorry, I won't be stating what we have went thru during those periods but my special thanks to my close frens and fellow FB contacts for your concerns. Truly appreciate all sms and PM received. Your Doa's and motivation words does helps us. Thanks All.

Even while undergoing treatment, we just need to move on and get life working on as normal even it's bit by bit especially for my elder child who is in P1, we believe ALLAH do protect US insya'allah amin.

Nurul started her Day1 in Meridien Primary was fabulous. She was not even scared or having any butterflies in her tummy unlike me HaHaHa .... she was super excited since eve on New Year. Glad she is really looking forward to school and hope she stays that way.

Oh ya btw Daddy took 3days leave for her precious princess wokey !! I could even sense daddy trying to hide his emotional feelings while sending and watching her princess in school during recess. HaHaHa ... sorry Sayang !! But you're are a Great Hubby and Great Daddy ...

I'm taking this opportunity by blogging this down incase I am no longer alive, no one noes. Wanna say THANKS LOVE !! (dearest hubby, Md Herni) for sacrificing your sleepless nights of nightmare we went thru during THAT period. I know since day 1 we've met, I know it's just YOU who could protect me. You touches my heart and never ones I regretted wanting you as my entire life partner. With this said, I declared NO ONE could replace you in me and our kids. I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH !!

And today, 5th Jan, 3yrs ago ..... Our 2nd child was born at 8pm. Happy 3rd Birthday, Mohd Ariel Syakir.

Daddy, Mummy and Kakak LOVES you so much. He makes the family laugh with his cheeky tunes, humming and dancing action like MR BEAN.... aarrgghh his fav character !! Everyday must see his DVD. Weird right ?? But that is my son.

Sorry son, your birthday celebration probably be a belated together with Kakak just next month okies!

Shall ends my blog for this round. I wish all FB Contacts and Multipliers, THE BEST LUCK of 2010 for you and your family. Hope the same goes to me and my family. Insya'allah.

PS : Ingatlah TUHAN itu ramai, tapi ALLAH hanyalah SATU. TIADA RUPA, TIADA WARNA. Yang pasti, kalimahNYA terbukti. Masya'allah.